How to use this website as a resource for action civics projects

This website is intended to be used by school teachers and community-based educators – in short, anyone who works with young people to become agents of change in their schools or communities. The website includes curriculum linked to each step of the action civics pathway. It also includes an assessment rubric and video examples that can be used to support students’ development of high-quality policy arguments. Action civics cycles can be quick and intensive (5 full days) or long and iterative (a year or more). Action civics projects enable youth to work with peers to address public issues that are relevant to their lives; students gain practice navigating complex systems and developing evidence-based arguments to influence policy. Along with the MYPA Policy Presentation Rubric, this website provides links to several curriculum resources to help educators navigate the entire Action Civics pathway.

Resources to help educators navigate the entire action civics project pathway

Programs that tap into youth expertise and provide opportunities for young people to share their knowledge with decision-makers empower youth and can deepen and energize public policy debates.

Using the policy presentation rubric to assist in the assessment of action civics presentations

We are excited for teachers and community-based educators to use this website to guide young people in doing research and delivering outstanding policy presentations. Be use a Creative Commons license, which means that you may use, remix, and adapt these materials for your own educational purposes, but not for commercial activity.

Note to researchers: Please also use these materials for your partnerships with education organizations. If you would like to use the scorecard to assess learning in any high stakes context, you need to first complete a training with the MYPA designers. We do not permit the use of MYPA for high-stakes assessments because we have not developed decision-rules that ensure the highest threshold for inter-rater reliability.