Collaboration: Assistance if Someone Falters

In-depth rubric explanations, examples, and video exemplars.


Highest Quality Rating (3 points)

Written Example: If a team member falters for more than 5 seconds, others lends assistance (such as whispering some guidance, showing physical gesture of support, or stepping in to help out by saying the point).

The speaker forgets the assigned lines or stumble through words for several seconds. Another presenter shows support or concern through gestures or words. A new speaker may step in to help out their peer.

Lowest Quality Rating (1 point)

Written Example: When a team member falters for more than 5 seconds, presenter is left to struggle for too long  (5 seconds or more) without help or is prematurely preempted by another speaker.

There are two ways that student groups can get this score. First, a student is left to struggle or become emotional to the point where the presentation stalls or the student expresses visible frustration. Second, if student struggles within a second or two another presenter jumps in without permitting the student to recover. Struggling for 5 seconds or more is crucial for a 1.

Video Example 1:  Speaker becomes emotional when discussing the death of a peer. A fellow presenter comforts the emotional speaker, while another presenter asks for a moment of silence for the deceased person which draws attention away from the emotional speaker.

Video Example 2: The speaker sharing his poem stumbles while reciting it out-loud, forgetting the lines. A fellow presenter reminds him he has a copy of the poem in his pocket, helping him regain his place and confidence in delivery.

Video Example: Speaker stumbles and no attempt to help by other presenters is made. He does not complete what he intended to say.