Body Language and Gestures

Body Language and Gestures. Presenters use body language to emphasize specific points or communicate ideas. For example, when speaking presenters may use their hands to stress a point, orient their body towards their visual aids, or use gestures to convey meaning when appropriate.  

Rubric Rating Video Examples
Highest Rating:

Presenters use body language to emphasize specific points or communicate ideas.

Throughout this presentation, body language and gesturing were used to support the points students were making. They stepped forward when speaking and used their hands to emphasize particular pieces of information or arguments.   

Mid-level Rating:

Body language does not add nor subtract from the message–if you did not notice body language give it a mid-level rating.

Body language adds to presentation throughout most of the presentation, however, at other times, it takes away from the presentation.

Lowest Rating:

To receive the lowest rating in this domain, the presenter’s body language is distracting or in other ways distracts from the presentation. For example, the presenters may over-use their hands or move their bodies in ways that take away from the content of the presentation.

In this presentation, the students’ bodies are not very animated, but they do step forward when it is their turn to speak, point to their visual when necessary, and make room for others to speak by moving out of the way.