Topic Introduction

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The introduction clearly and successfully introduces the topic of the presentation to the audience.

  • Example: Presenters take the time to clearly state the topic of the presentation. “Today we are going to be discussing the issue of police brutality.” Or, “Our group has decided to focus on food desserts, specifically the effects of limited fresh food sources on youth in our community.” 

In the video clip below one member of the team opens the presentation with a brief explanation of the topic: limited access to healthy foods in the students’ community.


The introduction does not establish the topic of the presentation.

  • Example: The audience is unclear what the topic is at the onset of the presentation. Students may jump right into data collection, data, or findings around a particular issue but never state the specific topic.

In the video below, the presenter introduces his organization and states that the audience has experienced the same educational barriers as the presenters, however, he fails to address the topic of focus.