Presentation & Delivery: Opening Hooks

In-depth rubric explanations, examples, and video exemplars.


Opening Hook: Brief opener that draws the audience attention (e.g. audience interaction, creative performance, personal testimony).

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Higher Quality Rating (3 points)

Written Example: May include video clip, poem, illustrative scenario, provocative question, song, anecdote, first person account such as, “We’d like to begin today by telling you a story from our childhood, a story that demonstrates the gravity of the situation we are bringing to your attention today.” Or, “Has anyone in the audience ever felt like they’ve experienced discrimination on the basis of the way they look or talk?” Or, “Can I get a volunteer from the audience to come up here for an activity?”

Lower Quality Rating (1 point)

Written Example: Students do not engage the audience in any creative or interesting way. This includes jumping right into their research “We’re gonna get straight to it and introduce the problem setup to which the School Board needs to respond.”

Video Example: The presenters take the stage with a popular song, adding their own lyrics about healthy food choices.

Video Example: The student who opens the presentation briefly says hello and goes into the presentation without grabbing the audience’s attention.