DRAFT VERSION Guide to Constructs and Dimensions

The following table outlines each of the constructs and underlying dimensions for each measurable part of an MYPA project. You should work your way through each of the constructs- read the definitions, watch the videos, consider the examples.  You can do this by clicking on each item.You may want to print a copy of the full rubric (insert link), or have it open in another window, so you can track your progress.

Construct (Major Aspects of MYPA Projects) Measurable Dimensions of Each Construct
Presentation and Delivery 1. Opening Hooks
2. Introducing the Topic
3. Speaker Introductions
4. Clarity of Speech
5. Body Language and Gesture
6. Eye Contact
7. Commitment and Passion
8. Organization of Presentation
Collaboration 1. Sharing Presentation Time
2. Transitions across Speakers
3. Assistance if Someone Falters
Problem Identification 1. Naming the Problem
2. Convincing Evidence
3. Problem Analysis
4. Relevance of Problem to Speakers
Research Methods 1. Methods of Data Collection
2. Presentation of Results and Findings
3. Connection of methods to Problem or Policy
Policy Proposal 1. Rationale for Proposed Policy
2. Proposed Implementation
3. Connection to the Focal Problem
4. Call to Action for In-person Audience
Responsiveness to Questions 1. Overall Response to Questions
2. Response to Data-related Questions
3. Response to Disagreement or Counter-argument