Presentation & Delivery: Commitment & Passion

In-depth rubric explanations, examples, and video exemplars.


Highest Quality Rating (3 points)

Written Example: Presenters show commitment to or passion for the content being presented.

Throughout the presentation, the presenters appear to care about the topic/issue they are presenting, as evidenced by their choice of words, tone in which they present their words, body language, and overall stage presence. This may include the use of phrases like “Addressing the issue of unsafe drinking water is really important for not only me and my peers today, but for the generations of students to come, including my little brother who hopes to attend this school in three years! This is why we are seeking a sustainable solution at this time…”

Mid-Quality Rating (2 points)

Written Example: Presenters are engaged but do not “own” their words or demonstrate passion for content.

Throughout the presentation, the presenters are organized but do not demonstrate visible excitement or enthusiasm for the issue. In other words, while the presenters are knowledgeable about their issue, but it may not be clear to the viewer that securing the proposed solution to this issue matters deeply to them.  

Lowest Quality Rating (1 point)

Written Example: Presenters appear uninterested in the material being presented or convey apathy towards message.

Throughout the presentation, the presenters appear to be “going through the motions.” While the presenters are knowledgeable about their issue, it appears to the viewers that this topic may not have been a topic of their choosing, or that they were made to do this exercise rather than build on their own interests.  

Video Example: The students demonstrated ‘ownership’ of their words by sounding excited (using elevated pitches in their voices), smiling, using personal stories to support their arguments, and generally seeming engaged.

Video Example: It is apparent that students are concerned about the nature of police relationships with youth of color because of their own identities. However, the students do not communicate a personal connection or passion for their subject. While their connection to the issue can be inferred by the audience it is not directly communicated by the presenters.

Video Example: Presenters seem disengaged from the material. Some presenters lack voice inflection, utilizing little to no body language, and when not presenting students are leaning on the display, fumbling with clothing, and generally not tracking the speaker.