Presentation & Delivery: Clarity of Speech

In-depth rubric explanations, examples, and video exemplars.


Highest Quality Rating (3 points)

Written Example: Presenters project their voices, speak clearly and use few filler words (e.g. like, um, so).

Presenters are clearly heard and understood throughout the presentation. Audience members are not distracted from the content of the presentation by the overuse of filler words, mumbling, speaking too fast or slow.

Mid-Quality Rating (2 points)

Written Example: Quality of projection and clarity varies across speakers.

Lowest Quality Rating (1 point)

Written Example: Most presenters do not project their voices or speak clearly. Lots of filler words are used.

Video Example: Students speak clearly into the microphone. There is little use of filler words and the audience is likely not distracted by the speech

Video Example: In this clip, the first speaker starts off with only a few pauses and fillers, and she is easy to understand. The second speaker, however, does not speak clearly and uses a lot of fillers and at one point a judge asks the young man to repeat himself.

Video Example: Speaker does not project his voice and uses many filler words. He also looks down and mumbles as he reads from his script.