Response to Questions: Response to Data-related Question

In-depth rubric explanations, examples, and video exemplars.


Highest Quality Rating (3 points)

Speakers demonstrate confident and accurate knowledge of their data. Presenters do not need to rely on script to clarify methods or findings.

Written Example: In a presentation where students share research showing the portion of the city budget allocated to homeless services, an audience member asks a question about the budget representation that wasn’t explained during the presentation. In response, a student is able to clearly explain the graph or table in terms of details that were not previously mentioned. Moreover, the group is prepared with other data slides that provide further evidence about their issue.

Video Example: Students in this example understand the questions posed by the audience and successfully provide clear answers supported by evidence. The presenters are able to go “off-script” and refer to data in a way that helps them answer the questions from the audience and demonstrates their confidence and familiarity with the data.

Mid-Quality Rating (2 points)

If asked a data related question, speakers reiterate prior evidence or prior points without innovation or expansion.

Written Example: An adult audience member asks the students detailed questions about the feasibility of the budget they proposed for their project during the presentation. In responding to the query, the students refer back to their powerpoint presentation which outlines their proposed budget line items, repeating the same information they shared during the presentation. They offer no further detail or explanation as to how they came up with the budget presented.

Lower Quality Rating (1 point)

Speakers struggle to respond. May look to an outside person for assistance, fumble and/or appear to not understand or feel confident in their evidence.

Written Example: After the question on the budget details, students look toward their faculty advisor for support in answering. After a long pause, one student begins to answer but the answer is confusing and unclear.