Video Examples to Accompany the Rubric

The following table outlines each of the constructs and underlying dimensions for each measurable part of an MYPA project. You should work your way through each of the constructs  –  read the definitions, watch the videos, consider the examples.  You can do this by clicking on each BULLETED ITEM. 


High quality culminating performances should demonstrate a strong command of the mechanics of public speaking and presentation skills. These include characteristics of voice, language, body positioning, gestures, engagement with the audience, and possibly appropriate presentation aids (e.g. slideshows, graphics, etc) that complement, rather than subtract from, the presentation. Ideally, the delivery of a high quality culminating performance should also reflect students’ passion for the topic.



When young people work on action civics projects, they often do so collaboratively. Collaboration is when people work together toward a jointly understood goal.



Problem identification refers to whether the young people’s culminating performance offers a clear perspective or framework by which the audience can understand the extent and scope of their focal problem.



To build a case for the existence or severity of a problem, presenters often provide evidence based on research. The type of evidence, as well as the approach to research, can vary widely.



A “policy” is a set of rules or commitments that govern a school, government, or organization, to which people in positions of authority can be held accountable.


In some presentations, young people will have the opportunity to respond to questions and/or comments from the audience.