Methods for Data Collection

Rubric Rating Video Examples
Highest Rating: Presenters talk, in detail, about their method(s) (e.g. literature review, personal testimony, survey, interview, observation), how they gathered the data, and type of data analysis.

Example: In their presentation to the local school board, the youth presenters share the details of their survey– how they created it, what research questions were guiding the survey, how and who they distributed it to. They state how many people participated in the survey and how they had to throw out two surveys because they were incomplete. They then discuss how they used qualitative data analysis to convey the responses from multiple choice answers and a thematic analysis to analyze the open responses.

No video in doc.
Mid-level Rating: Presenters mention their method(s) but do not provide detail how or why they went about their data collection or analysis.


In this presentation, the presenters mention their methods, and state that students were participants in their survey, however, it is not indicated if the survey was random, or if a specific segment of study body was selected. Presenter states that the food for the taste they provided was based off what foods the students like, however, no evidence is provided for their food choice.

Lowest Rating: Presenters do not mention their methods or mention any data to support argument No video in doc.