Presentation of Results or Findings

Rubric Rating Video Examples
Highest Rating: Thoroughly describe the data or results of their inquiry (such as extended quotes or survey results) No video in doc.
Mid-level Rating: Presenters mention some data but do not provide detail. In this presentation, the presenters mention some data but do not provide detail. Although presenters address data on “relationship between Police and students of color in South Los Angeles” they do not provide sufficient information to place this data into the broader context. Presenters fail to record data from White students (if their student body consists of such small percentage of White students, that giving these students a survey was unrealistic, this limitation should have been mentioned). Presenters also fail to report all demographics for each question in their survey and only compare 2 demographics for each survey question. Survey results of Black females, Black males, Latino males and Latina females are shown, however, presenters chose which data they would report for each survey question, rather than displaying all results.

Lowest Rating: Data is absent or unclear, and the argument is largely based on opinion. No video in doc.