Transitions Across Speakers

Rubric Rating Video Examples
Highest Rating: Presenters coordinate their turns with each other and provide smooth transitions between speakers.

For example, youth demonstrate that they know which speaker comes after by signaling the person by name or handing the microphone to the right person.

For this example please watch the video in its entirety to see all speakers deliver their part of the presentation.

Mid-level Rating: The presenters are mostly on the same page, but one or two transitions among the speakers show confusion or uncertainty (such as a pause of more than 5 seconds showing uncertainty between turns).

For example, the presenters show confusion about who speaks next or cannot locate quickly where the next speaker is. This is especially obvious when there are multiple quick deliberations about who speaks next or handling of microphones back and forth without anyone speaking.

In this presentation, there are two occurrences where you can see the presenters look around as if unaware of who’s turn it is to speak. 

Lowest Level Rating: To receive the lowest rating there presenters will demonstrate three or more moments when speakers show uncertainty about whose turn it is and the transition is delayed by five or more seconds). In general, speakers do not appear to be on the same page about the order of the presentation.

For example, during lowest quality cases, there will be significant confusion about speaking order. The youth will appear to not have rehearsed speaking order. Transitions become a significant distraction.

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